AIG Instrumentos works with Inversiones Cohabi, with the aim of carrying out the detection of buried services and the study of marine morphology for Perforación Direccional para Cable Submarino project.

At the end of 2015, AIG Instrumentos had the opportunity to use the Georadar (GPR) technology and Pipes Detector, as well as Single Beam bathymetry technique and Topography in order to detect buried services and define the depth of the seabed in Punta Gorda, Maiquetía, under Perforación Direccional para Cable Submarino project, proposed by GlobalNet. It consists of the installation of two underground fiber optic lines which will take the national internet service. Thanks to the virtues of geophysical survey methods applied, it was possible to deliver 2D drawings together with 2D and 3D maps both onshore and offshore zone of the study area.

Eng. Enrique Boyer.

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