AIG Instrumentos starts Laser Scanner Subcontract with Hyundai Engineering in Pto. La Cruz Refinery.

In december, AIG Instrumentos began the execution of scanning by Laser Scanner technology and subsequent 3D modeling for DA-1 and DA-2 of Pto. La Cruz Refinery areas. The purpose of this work is to generate a three-dimensional model of all installed items in the area, including pipes, mechanical equipment, civil structures, among others. Modeling allows to generate the integration of areas that will be installed and interconnected with the existing ones, under the Conversión Profunda project. This one represents the biggest project in Venezuela to date with the use of latest technology, which is gaining more worldwide application. This fact is placing AIG Instrumentos as a pioneer company in the application of innovative technologies in engineering and construction fields.

Eng. Jose Luis Oliver.

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