We are a consultant  and project execution company specialized in Engineering Technologies focused on Civil Engineering and Construction. AIG Instruments also provides solutions for water supply for  domestic and industrial applications through  drilling, pump installation and maintenance of water wells.  

Implementing the most recent Equipment and Technologies we create value  through our range of On-Shore, Marine and Airborne Services, providing the necessary assessment to support not only with a result but also with knowledge, experience and solutions during the design phase, construction and installation of structures in major works, mainly at the petroleum, energy and gas sector.

We are known for our high quality standards, our approach towards customers’ satisfaction and quick results 

Because of the ease of mobilization of our equipment, we are able to offer services in any area of the country and abroad. Being able to start work in just a few days.


Being an organization leader in the domestic market with international presence, executing Engineering Technology projects, and services providing solutions adapted to the clients’ needs.


Provide valuable solutions for our customers’ projects through our services using the latest equipment and technologies, under strict quality standards working with specialized professionals creating cost-effective solutions.


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          Determination                                                 Commitment                                                        Adaptability