For all kinds of projects, especially those operating in difficult or challenging areas, AIG Instrumentos provides High Precision technological solutions including tools surveying 360 views.

We provide geo-referenced surveying in rural, urban and refineries with latest conventional equipment like Total Stations and Dual Frequency Geo-receiving, hand of a team of specialized professionals.

We provide:

Design of Geodetic Networks: Installing a set of control points with well-defined and enduring in time geographical position. This is intended to regulate all topographic and cartographic data that are performed within the same project remain linked to a single geodetic reference system.

Surveying: By using Dual Frequency Geo-positioners or total stations, we perform the capture of all the necessary information to determine the rectangular coordinates of the points of the soil with which the plot of land raised is obtained.

SurveyStakeout: Once finished the design of a civil work,it is necessary to materialize by stakes, nails or paint the different phases of a work; either excavation defining platforms and their levels, and foundation reflecting pillar axes, footings, struts, sides walls, referred to the coordinate system plane project, using Dual Frequency Geo-positioners or Total Stations.

Ground Movement Monitoring and Volume Calculations: Supporting on the original surveying and the modified surveying, the volumetric calculation between the two digital terrain models is performed, allowing comprehensive control of ground movement executed in work, the deviations study, if any, regarding measurements and theoretical justification thereof.The most advanced methodologies and software which allow effective work, always focused on maintaining high quality standards.