Marine Seismic

AIG Instrumentos supports its Marine Services in all development activities engineering in all water depths providing “high-resolution characterization of layers of the seabed” in order to reduce risk, facilitate ways and designs putting their available information you need to know, offering a quality service on time.

Through studies of marine seismic provide stratigraphic information sub-soil and structural geology using the principle of reflection waves to image the subsurface, recipients of these waves are hydrophones that are installed on a cable that is maintained at a certain depth .

The depth of the study will depend on the requirements of projects and soil characteristics, can offer different sources to adapt to the needs of our customers: Boomers, air guns, sparkers, among others.

We have high-tech equipment for seismic acquisition in order to obtain the best possible results. In addition, we have experts in the area of acquisition, processing and seismic interpretation.

We also offer Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP), which can be used coupled with marine seismic or independently for better resolution of the shallow layers and Side Scan Sonar (SSS) for obtaining a true picture of the seabed which allows a real image of the seabed and is used to locate and map sandbars and rocky outcrops , locate man-made , such as archaeological sites, sunken machinery and detect objects on a small scale , such as anchors, propellers, underwater pipelines objects , etc. Another study used to complete information is Magnetometry to detect metal elements on the surface or buried





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