Soil Electric Resistivity Test

AIG Instrumentos provides the key information you need during the design phase for the installation of pipes, plants, sub-stations and structures, giving you a view of the electrical parameters of soil through Soil Resistivity measurement. To know these values that result in corrosion levels, can save large sums of money on the installation of cathodic protection systems and grounding grids, ensuring that the metal structures installed have the estimated useful life.

The most common methods used in the oil industry and telecommunications are Wenner and Schlumberger. The study consists of inserting the 4 electrodes on the ground by placing them in a straight line, the separation between the electrodes will depend on the method used and such separations will allow to measure the resistivity values at different depths.

Soil Electrical Resistivity Test is also used to determine the existence of groundwater level for the installation of water extraction wells.

We have latest technology equipments, allowing measurements in a short time with very precise values of the renowned brand AEMC and highly trained personnel to perform these studies.











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