ReMI / Seismic Refraction

AIG Instrumentos offers a wide range of engineering services, which means that we can meet the requirements of our customers, adapting us to their needs during the initial phases of the Project. For design, the dynamic parameters of the ground are indispensable to make the right geotechnical decisions concerning the foundation depths, seismic parameters, prospection of aquifers and also the delimitation of the shallower sub-soil layers. For all that we offer geophysical methods such as the ReMi method and seismic refraction, and because of their easy methodology they provide seismic properties in anyenvironment under a low cost and short time.

Depending on the condition of the study area, we’ll help you with the selection of the right method to apply. ReMi is recommended for urban environments and places where the presence of vibrations is high. But in case these conditions are not present, is recommended the seismic refraction where it is used an energy source as a sledgehammer or explosives.

We use advanced processing tools combined with analytical methods which allow us to present 2D models generated by the traveling times of the waves, identifying geological discontinuities of the soil attributed to faults, also its stratification, calculating the thickness of each layer and the rock-sediment contact in depth, this is in the seismic refraction method. In ReMi’s case, a frequency spectrum analysis of the surface waves is done, since they can be separated in surface waves and other kind of waves registered by the equipment; this allows the recognition of velocity’s true phase, obtaining with this the propagation velocity of the S wave with depth.










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