Water Well Drilling / Pump Installation / Well Maintenance

Attending the Country’s growing demand in water supply. AIG Instruments provides Water Supply solutions for domestic and Industrial applications through the Drilling of Water Wells / Pump Installation & control systems / Civil and Electrical Works associated to the Well and Water Well Maintenance. 

We provide our clients with assessment to determine the Feasibility a new water well by making a Feasibility Study,  during this phase local parameters are evaluated such as geological conditions, proximity and production of nearby water Wells, recharge of the Hydrographic Basin, among others.

Carrying on with  the Drilling and Construction Phase, we implement the latest drilling equipment and highly qualified workers to build the well. 

Once the construction is finalized, we move on to the Pump and Control System Installation, while executing the Civil and Electrical Works associated with the well to be able to channel the water into it’s final destination and to supply energy to the system. 

When a well Project is finished, during the life span of a well, once year o every two years, a Water Well Maintenance Service is required. This consists of clearing the bottom and length of the pipe of sediments and minerals using chemicals and an air compressor, also the working the status of piping and pump is checked for preventive maintenance.


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