In AIG Instrumentos we work with the latest technology to provide our clients innovating solutions which allows developing topographical surveys of high precision real-time.

We provide the generation of 3D scanning of high speed, using terrestrial laser scanners, with the objective of perform “as built” surveying projects with precision and high detailed representation of architecture graphics, classification of entities and 3D modeling, both civil and industrial. Using for it the most modern techniques of capture, classification, modeling, structuring and visualization of the geometrical and thematic information of the work scene.

The laser scanning offers many advantages over the traditional methods of data capture:

  • Speed data acquisition.
  • Non-invasive method.
  • Does not involve stops in the processes of the plant.

Using this technology we can obtain point clouds of high density in real magnitude which will allow the generation of digital elevation models (DEM), contours and orthophotos which will make possible to perform millimetre calculations, slices, sections, entities vectoring, geometrically precised three-dimensional models in great detail to perform interference studies and calculating deformations.

All the generated information is compatible with CAD tools and the mainly design applications of industrial plants, such as: Smartplant 3D, PDS, PDMS, AutoCAD, Plant 3D.





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