Airborn LIDAR (Lasser Scanning)

For those projects located in areas of difficult access, high-risk areas and challenging environments, AIG Instruments offers LiDAR with specialized resources and advanced technology that adapts to your needs, this combination means we can support you anywhere you need it doing  topographic surveys with “High Precision within short time”

The massive data capture is constituted by a laser mounted on the bottom of a helicopter or airplane. Lasers pulses generate a terrain model represented by a cloud of geo-referenced points (3D), intensity and RGB values. From the points cloud we can extract accurately and automatically: buildings, trees, poles, cables, contour lines and other objects of interest.

The laser has the ability to pass through obstacles, thereby obtaining two digital models: the DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and DSM (Digital Surface Model) digital model of the area, including all obstacles. It has a speed, accuracy and density of information unobtainable through traditional techniques while maintaining very competitive costs.


-Topographic surveys (buildings, structures, and more exploitable resources).

-Generation of 3D models.

-Urban Planning and Land Registry.

-Energy towers and electrical substations.

-Counting and tree classification. Biomass estimation.


  • Classified Point Cloud, DSM (Digital Surface Model), DTM (Digital Terrain Model), image intensities, Orthophotos, Contours


We also offer data processing only!

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