Pile Integrity Cross Hole Ultrasonic Testing

The piles are responsible for transmitting to the ground the loads they receive from the structure upon them, if the piles fail the risks are great, for these cases we offer “pile’s real information by 2D models “ through the pile integrity ultrasonic method.

Ultrasonic Tests are one of the most complete tests available on the market to determine the integrity of piles cast in place. The method is based on recording the time it takes an ultrasonic wave to propagate from a transmitter to a receiver moving simultaneously by two parallel tubes subject to the pile.

In case there are defects in the path of the waves such as inclusions or other they are recorded including the type of variation and depth of occurrence. For this test, it is essential that during the construction of the piles 2 or 4 tubes are left installed.

During processing, using rejection and acceptance criteria, anomaly classification is generated to make decisions that meet design standards.

Everything is performed under ASTM standards.




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