Pile integrity Sonic method

During the construction phase it is essential to know the integrity of the piles, for that matter we offer a quality control through the sonic method generating “pile’s real information” determining the continuity of it and possible defects that could jeopardize the supporting ability of the the pile.

The sonic method is also known as Echo Test, Pulse Test,  Impulse Response consisting of hitting the top of the pile with a plastic hammer of low weight, the blow induce a wave that is reflected at the bottom of the pile and sensed by an accelerometer that digitizes the data, which are then processed by the PET software.

Using acceptance and rejection criteria, anomalies or representative peaks are classified to identify concrete failure generating results and interpretations of possible failures in the pile.

This test is usually performed to pile groups so we can correlate the information obtained with the information and design parameters.

Everything is performed under ASTM standards.











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