Utility Locating and Mapping with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

AIG Instrumentos gives value to your projects by offering a comprehensive and accurate view of buried services by Georadar or GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), as a tool that saves time, money and even lives. The information provided will be key to making the right decisions; decreasing the chances of interfering with existing services depending on your location and fluid could cause additional costs on repairs and even tragedies in the case of ignoring its existence.

One of its most important advantages respect to metal detectors is that it has the ability to detect metallic and non-metallic pipes such as concrete and PVC. In addition to this, it can supply a depth and diameter of found objects, and can even determine the thickness of layers such as concrete, asphalt, geological strata, among others. Providing information in 2D or 3D drawings.

The computer emits electromagnetic waves to be propagated in the medium, until they reach an area or object whose electromagnetic properties are different compared to the surrounding or adjacent, the reflected wave is captured by the receiving antenna and is recorded in the central unit for further processing and interpretation.

The penetration depth depends on soil conditions and the frequency used. AIG Instrumentos offers diverse antennas and options that allow us to adapt to the requirements of our customers.

This service as geophysicist method is an indirect method but allows collecting valuable information. AIG instrumentos, in order to provide a service adapted to our customers’ needs, we complement the acquisition with the “Flow Detector” which allows to induce a magnetic field and follow pipes obtaining real location with greater depth. Our surveys are topographically geo-referenced to provide real coordinates with very little error range of detected services.

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