In those hard to reach places such as rivers and seas where it is essential to have information from the depths of the bed and the bottom morphology to design and make way for the next phases of the project, AIG Instrumentos is present offering “High precision depth and morphology of the seabed “.

During the study bathymetric, measuring the depths it is achieved by devices that emit sound waves. These emitted waves travel through the water, to meet the seabed are reflected and then travel back to the surface, thereby obtaining depth.

We offer studies using single beam bathymetric and multibeam, team selection will depend on customer requirements and the study area. In the case of using single beam echo sounder, moving the boat you have the bathymetry of a line while the multibeam echosounder bathymetry of an area is obtained, the latter is ideal for deep areas. We also offer positioning system WASSS or C -NAV depending on the required accuracy.

Like the marine seismic, we can complement these studies bathymetry with Side Scan Sonar (Side Scan Sonar) to have a picture of the seabed, allowing locate and map sandbars and rocky outcrops, locate man-made objects, as archaeological sites, sunken machinery and detect objects on a small scale, such as anchors, propellers, underwater pipelines, among others, also can accompany the study Magnetometry to detect metal elements on the surface or buried.

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